What is Copywriting?

It is easy to become a copywriter, tough to remain one. Still, I think it is one of the greatest jobs in the world. In my opinion, a copywriter is a salesperson with a pen. Your job as a copywriter is to understand your target group and create content that will persuade that audience to buy a specific product or service. It really is as simple as this, but it does take dedication, practice and of course writing skills. The good news is that you can gain those writing skills by, well, writing. And reading because this is how you will become a better writer.

If you are here reading this page, you might feel the same or are interested in copywriting for a living, part-time or maybe even full-time. You obviously need the basics—a desire to write and be creative. You also need to have access to a computer with reliable Internet connection to write and to market yourself—another story for another day. But most of all you need to be persistent and have faith in yourself that you will succeed—because you will if you hang in there.

The Path to Copywriting

The truth is that there is much competition, but there are also countless opportunities out there. Depending on your preference, you can be a copywriter for an organization or a freelance writer. If you like a consistent paycheck, opt for working in an organization. If you like to work on your own from your home (or anywhere) and can afford to, very few jobs match the joy and freedom of being a freelance copywriter. But please keep in mind if you can really make a financial sacrifice before you quit your day job. If not, start off slow and see where it takes you.  

Regardless of whether you want to work for a company or run your own freelance business, there are a few steps you need to take to get started. As a copywriter, you will need to constantly market yourself, your brand and your services. Here are the basic steps to help you get started and to continue to get those writing gigs:

  • Create a website. Even a simple website announcing you to the world is an important and necessary first step. There are many free or low-cost options when it comes to creating your own website. Most are user friendly and can be done in a few hours. No need to go overboard as you can add pages to your site as you gain experience.
  • Create a portfolio. Even if you have not worked on one single gig, you can create a portfolio. Write an article about something you like or have experience in. Post these articles on your portfolio to showcase your writing. Be sure to edit to avoid typos and grammar errors! Make it a goal to add ten articles per month to your portfolio.
  • Get the word out! Contact previous business contacts and let them know you offer copywriting services. Be sure to advertise on social media. It is also important to attend face-to-face events to market yourself and your services.

The Final Word

Copywriting allows you have fun, make good money and help others grow their brand and business. What other job offers you the opportunity to learn something new, write about it and get paid? You just need to decide if you have the drive, desire and maybe even the right personality traits to write day after day and be happy doing it. Once you make the decision, go for it, and do something every day that contributes towards that goal.

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Happy Writing!