You want to avoid writing gig platforms because you do not want to gain a reputation as an “on the cheap” writer. Do not waste your time applying for low ball clients looking to make money off your hard work and skills. Instead, use that energy to promote your copywriting business and to gain a reputation as a serious writer—one that gets paid their worth. Here are some effective ways to brand your copywriting services and get better clients:

Send Direct Mail

To increase the odds in your favor reach out to your intended recipient first via email, in person networking or by phone. You can also make it irresistible by including a bumpy novelty in the envelope. A good example is to include an inexpensive pen with your logo. It might just pique their curiosity and that might be enough to get to a prospect open the envelope.

Make the (Cold) Call

Call a company you would like to offer your copywriting services. Reach out to the communications or marketing manager and be ready to pitch your copywriting services to companies. Do a little research and check out their existing web site so you can describe how your content will attract new customers. Persistence can really pay off here.

Offer Free, Informative Downloads

Create a well-written “how-to” article with advice or tips. Keep it short (350 words) and to the point. Post it on your website as a free download in exchange for which you capture their email address. You can also create a white paper about the value of your copywriting service. This goes far in demonstrating the benefits to companies that hire you. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a great marketing list and branding yourself as a copywriting pro.

Create Your Own Press Release

You can make great money writing a press releases (PR), but you first must learn how to write them. The great thing about PRs is that there are countless reasons to write a PR for a client or even for your own writing business—from a new service to a new office. Write about your expertise in a subject and how you can help others with your content. Read press releases in major online or offline newspapers to view the proper form. With a quick online search, you can find many free online press release templates and platforms on which you can write and submit your press release.

The Final Word

It is all about being proactive instead of reactive. When you take these pro-active steps, you are demonstrating that not only can you write, but know how to sell your services. And that is exactly what clients care about most and want to see in action.

Happy Writing!

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