Here are the top 50 reasons why copywriters are the happiest workers around!

  1. You are your own boss!
  2. You can take a vacation anytime you want! Wherever you want!
  3. You only need a computer and Internet to work.
  4. Or a pen and paper!
  5. You get to play with your cat. Well, when he wants…
  6. You can say no! Heck, you don’t even have to respond if you don’t want.
  7. You get to pretend to be a doctor, lawyer or massage therapist without leaving my chair!
  8. And without breaking any laws!
  9. You get to hog the coffee machine!
  10. You can put all the drawings from your kid all over my office!
  11. You can turn up the music as loud as you want.
  12. No obnoxious co-worker peeking over your cubicle!
  13. Err…no cubicle!
  14. Hmmm…no co-worker.
  15. You work with people, not for.
  16. You have time to take your kid to practice.
  17. You have time for whatever…
  18. You can leave my FB page on all day long!
  19. Don’t have to swallow your lunch in 30 min.
  20. Can work in your P.J.’S.
  21. Afternoon naps!
  22. You learn something new every day. Every single day!
  23. Your commute is down the hall and to the right.
  24. What road rage?
  25. Teaches you to think fast.
  26. The power of persuasive words.
  27. You can work at 2:00 am or not.
  28. Office politics. What’s that?
  29.  You get respect.
  30. Time off whenever you want.
  31. Get to spend time with your kid.
  32. If ever you got fired, on to the next job.
  33. Get to meet some of the most interesting and influential people around.
  34. You have worked with people in Australia, Canada and the Philippines.
  35. No need for work related travel.
  36. You can take personal calls.
  37. You have an excuse to buy tons of pens. In every color.
  38. You get to read a lot about a whole lot of things.
  39. You have become a damned good typist.
  40. You email with most clients, so you can roll my eyes and curse under your breath!
  41. You can pick and choose who you work for.
  42. Tax deductions galore!
  43. You can dress however you want, when you want.
  44. No stress over a job performance evaluation.
  45. No stress…well, not usually!
  46. Get to work from Starbucks or wherever.
  47. Pride in my work.
  48. You get to help people out all the time.
  49.  You get to write every day! And get paid for it!
  50. Again, I’m the boss!

Happy Writing!
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