There are six basic ingredients that every sales copy requires. As a copywriter you need to understand the client’s brand and be able to see it through the eyes of the consumer. Whether you are just starting out–or need a refresher–these tips will help you create solid sales copy that sells. And sales should always be your main goal as a copywriter.

  1. Strong Headline

Just like a fisherman, you need a strong line to bait and hook them. A strong headline will contain good SEO composed of relevant keywords. It will only make a claim that will be backed up by the content that follows. A headline should create an image for the consumer. It should get them excited or at least interested to learn more about a product or service. Be sure to follow it with content that supports the claim in your headline. Here are a few examples of good and bad headlines:

Good: Easy to swallow XYZ ibuprofen quickly relieves your strongest headache

Bad: XYZ ibuprofen can relieve your headache right away

Good: Give ABC Accounting 1 hour to save you thousands on your tax return

Bad: ABC Accounting can save you thousands on your tax return

  1. Relevant Content

Now that you have the attention of your target group, you need to create content that will keep them around. The longer they are on the site, the higher odds a sale will result. You need to explain what the product or service provides. In other words, what issue or concern will the brand resolve. This is key because consumers are fickle. If you cannot clearly explain or create a picture of this–consumers move on. This requires some research on the competition and knowledge of the product or service. Keep chipping away at your content until it creates a vivid image of the product or service you are selling. Yep, it is your job to sell through content you produce!

  1. Benefits of Brand (BOB)

Your sales copy needs to introduce consumers to the benefits of brand (BOB). Now that you have explained the purpose of the brand, boast the relevance of the brand’s ability to resolve or satisfy the consumer’s needs. Here is where your client can help you create the sales content. Afterall, they know their product or service best. Some good questions to ask your client include:

  • Background of the brand? 
  • Why is your product unique or the best?
  • Is there a backstory to your brand that a consumer can relate to? 
  • Customer feedback of product or service?

These questions will start a dialogue. This will help you create sales copy that will highlight the brand’s benefits. The consumer should understand the BOB and why it is their best choice. And of course, do not make claims that cannot be supported by the product or service. You want to create trust of the brand that leads to loyalty with factual sales copy. 

  1. Create a Persona

It is important to create a persona of consumer for the brand. Quite literally, persona means person in Spanish. Your client can help you understand their typical customer and/or whom they wish to attract. This is where you can flex your creative muscles. Create a list that addresses their background, motivations, and expectations. Be sure to share with your client to get input and approval of the proposed persona.

  1. Persuasive Copy

This is done by playing devil’s advocate. Consider any objections or reservations a consumer may have. You need to consider what would you expect the consumer expects as well as what they don’t. Create a possible list of objections and create persuasive arguments against it. Refer to this list when creating your sales copy.

  1. Call to Action (CTA)

Last but definitely not least is the CTA. No self-respecting copywriter would forget this. This is where you insert a sense of urgency in your sales copy. Here is your chance to explain why the consumer needs to buy now rather than later. Depending on the product or service the sense of urgency may be a hard or soft sale. Here are some examples of strong CTAs:

  • Rainy season coming up. Buckets and umbrellas won’t protect your roof, but Three Brothers roofing can. Call us today for a FREE estimate! 
  • They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Stock up on Sunshine Vitamin C today! 
  • A year from now will you have regrets or satisfaction? Buy your home today and take advantage of history low mortgage rates.

Consider what would motivate a consumer to buy a products or service. Use friendly and persuasive language sale. It should sound like their best friend is recommending the brand.

These steps outline a solid strategy for effective copywriting. Refer to them often and use as a checklist for all sales copy you will create. 

Happy writing!

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